Three Tips On How To Do Lucid Dreaming

When you are awake your dreams, when you know that you are sleeping, yet you are participating in a dream that you are having, this is called a lucid dream. These are different from an out of body experience, primarily because there is typically an absence of a dream that is occurring. You are actually within your home, in most cases, walking around. However, you are still going to be in your astral body, or what some people referred to as the soul. You will be tethered to your physical body by what some refer to as talking the silver cord. This takes a look at a few strategies that you can use in order to have your very own lucid dream.

How A Lucid Dream Works

These dreams are unique because you will typically have a first person perspective, literally within the dream that you are having. When most people think of their dream, they typically have a third person perspective. However, when you are awake in the dream itself, and you can actually control the different elements of the dream, it is like you are in charge of a completely different world. You have the power to shift what you are seeing, and even the power to fly, which is why so many people try to have these as many times as possible. If this isn’t currently your reality, clickthrough to learn¬†how to lucid dream easily tonight.

How Do You Wake Up In The Dream?

You can easily wake up in the dream by using one of three different techniques. The first is to focus on finding your hands. For some reason, when you are able to look at a portion of your astral body, and the hands are the easiest to see, you can then remember that you are actually sleeping. The second way is that you can wake yourself up in the early morning hours, stay up for two hours, and then go back to sleep again. This allows you to have a stronger connection between the waking world and the dreaming world, (not this dream world) and it is in the midst of this context that you will be able to be entirely cognizant that you are in a dream. The final way that you can do this is by looking for changes in the dream that simply do not make sense. These typically happen when you are having a dream about a room or home that you are familiar with. You will notice differences that are simply not there like five windows instead of three or perhaps a staircase when there is not one in the waking world. All three of these techniques will allow you to wake up, and when you do, you can do amazing things.

What Can You Do In A Lucid Dream?

There are several things that people love to do when they do wake up. One of those things is, unlike some birds,¬†they can fly. Someone has once referred to this as the snorkeling or scuba diving effect, but it is so much more. You can also change the dream itself, causing certain characters to go away, and manifest others. You can go along on an adventure, and as long as you don’t get fixated on any element of the dream, you will stay awake and in full control.

Individuals that have not had one of these dreams before are absolutely astounded. They may even have an out of body experience where they are able to walk around their own home. Regardless of how you are able to have one, once you start to have them, you will be motivated to have lucid dreams as many times as you can.